Buyer , User , Startups , Client Stories — 07.26.2019

How User Research Guided Little Nugget’s Product Vision, Positioning and Pitch Deck

Innovatemap Team

Parents love to take pictures. But as simple as it is to take photos, it’s easy for them to get lost which makes it difficult to share special moments later.

This was a personal pain of mom-turned-entrepreneur Carrie Griffith, who struggled to customize her baby’s photos with relevant milestones and share with family. Carrie’s frustration inspired her to start Little Nugget, a photo app that makes it easy for parents to personalize, organize and share their favorite moments.


Little Nugget came to us with a working digital product and a defined product roadmap. They partnered with us to understand and resonate with users and attract investors.

Since the market is crowded, Little Nugget needed to stand out with a unique position. Additionally, personal experiences guided most product decisions, so the Little Nugget team needed to understand perspectives and pains from a broader audience. This way, they could better prioritize product features that solved the most significant problems.


We partnered with Little Nugget to understand user pains and develop the right product positioning to resonate with them.

To understand user problems, we conducted in-depth qualitative research with parents. These valuable insights guided feature decisions in the Little Nugget app.

Next, we established clear, unique and relevant positioning that speaks directly to buyer pains. Equipped with research on parents as well as competitors in the space, we refreshed Little Nugget’s messaging with the right words to differentiate, clarify and resonate with parents. We channeled user voices into the messaging, using specific challenges and sentiments we heard during the research.

Then, we created a new foundational statement to guide product marketing. Defined product messaging pillars group functionality by the benefits to the user, making it easy to explain Little Nugget’s product capabilities and value.

Finally, we translated product marketing updates to a refreshed pitch deck that socializes the product. The pitch decks emphasizes Little Nugget’s value with research-backed user problems, consistent and differentiated positioning, and organized product features.


Through our engagement, Carrie Griffith was equipped with a clear understanding of Little Nugget’s value proposition as well as the foundational messaging to claim a position in a crowded market.

Armed with effective product marketing, Carrie can now talk about her product in a consistent, unique and repeatable way that resonates with her target market’s pains.

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