User , Startups , Client Stories — 07.27.2019

How Product Design Helped DemandJump Earn Investor Buy-In

Innovatemap Team

No one buys a house before they see how it looks. Similarly, investors won’t buy in unless they trust that the product team has a clear vision and a steadfast foundation.

This became clear to DemandJump co-founders Shawn Schwegman and Christopher Day. DemandJump is a customer acquisition and traffic cloud platform that analyzes marketing touch points using data analytics and AI tools to enable smarter targeting and a holistic view of marketing activity.


Shawn and Christopher knew DemandJump was the answer to the marketers’ call, but to earn buy-in, investors needed to feel pain to see the product’s true value.

But without a product in market, Shawn and Christopher struggled to get investors on board.

So they came to Innovatemap to help resonate with investors.


To paint a clear vision, product design concepts are critical.

We needed to translate the DemandJump vision into real screens that investors could understand and appreciate. So we created design concepts and screens to make the product feel as real as the vision. DemandJump presented these opportunities in plain English and avoided technical jargon. Marketers and investors are not data scientists, and it was important for us to speak their language through approachable and understandable design.

Even though the design concepts were only representations of the larger product vision, they provided necessary visual support for an otherwise extremely sophisticated system.


Armed with design concepts that expressed DemandJump’s value, market potential and capabilities, DemandJump successfully raised funding.

Then, DemandJump used design concepts to establish a foundation for the MVP and build the first 12-18 months of their product roadmap.

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