Buyer , Startups , Scaleups , Client Stories — 07.26.2019

How Positioning and Product Hierarchy Transitioned MOBI From Service to Software

Chelsea Douglass, Senior Marketing Manager

Even the smallest tasks can quickly become unmanageable at scale. With new departments, new geographies, and new team members comes an influx of new responsibilities.

Enter MOBI: a mobility management software that centralizes, comprehends, and controls a company’s entire device ecosystem by integrating with wireless carriers, EMMs, corporate IT systems, and more. MOBI takes the stress out of managing all aspects of the mobile devices ecosystem.


MOBI came to Innovatemap while making the transition from a services-first to a software-first company.

MOBI offered services to help customers manage their mobile devices and systems. As they improved their internal software, MOBI saw an opportunity to expand an internal tool externally. As MOBI extended access to customers, they realized the software could provide significant value to users and launch them into a scalable software-first company.

This shift, however, required a complete transformation in the way MOBI talked about themselves and the value they provided to their target audience.


While MOBI knew that they needed to make this shift, it was no easy task. As a services-first company, they struggled to find their voice as a product.

Together, we repositioned MOBI as a software-first company with a foundational statement that guided product marketing toward a product-focused north star. We also created a product hierarchy that helped the team align on the value they provided and the full range of functionality available in the MOBI platform.


With a clear, established position, the entire MOBI team can talk about the product in a consistent and valuable way. Now, buyers understand MOBI’s value and how it’s different.

MOBI’s comprehensive product hierarchy equips their sales team to communicate the product’s value to potential customers with unified internal language.

Now, with clear positioning and an effective product hierarchy, MOBI is equipped to transition from service to software and scale with confidence.

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