Corporations , User , Client Stories — 07.29.2019

How a Redesigned User Portal Helped Indiana Farmers Insurance Scale

Innovatemap Team

Indiana Farmers Insurance is an auto, home, farm and business insurance company that sells policies to their customers through independent agents.

After expanding, the Indiana Farmers Insurance team partnered with Innovatemap to replace their existing agent portal with a modern, intuitive and scalable platform. The portal was originally designed to support company workflows, rather than agent workflows, and Indiana Farmers Insurance wanted a more intuitive system that agents could easily navigate.


When Indiana Farmers Insurance was exploring market expansion, they realized their existing digital product did not support business goals.

At almost two decades old, Indiana Farmers Insurance’s digital product was outdated. The agent portal no longer complemented the changing workflows of its users (agents). Because the product wasn’t intuitive, Indiana Farmers Insurance underwriters were bogged down with user complaints and questions — all problems that improved product design solves.

With a long list of product needs, the Indiana Farmers Insurance team needed our product managers to prioritize features based on impact for users and alignment with business goals. The product hadn’t been refreshed in years, so simply slapping on a shiny new UI wouldn’t solve the real problem.

Indiana Farmers Insurance wanted to provide their users with an intuitive, usable, and valuable agent portal that simplifies workflows and empowers them to sell.


To truly understand the daily workflows, problems, and opportunities of an insurance agent, we conducted in-depth user research. We gained a deep understanding of how they use the product, their needs and pains, and more. After in-depth research, research insights guided solution definition.

Once we defined the solution, we redesigned the entire agent portal. We created hero screens to communicate the new high-level product vision and reorganized the information architecture.

Then, we prioritized the MVP by defining the most significant feature set that would solve the most pressing problems for users.

Guided by the MVP definition, we began production design to create every screen for the new agent portal. As production designs were created, we worked with the company’s internal development team to equip them to bring the screens to life.


Together, we created a beautiful, intuitive portal that users want to use. By beginning with user research, we designed a valuable user-centered product that addresses user pains. User input equipped us to design a portal that enabled them to do their jobs better, faster and more easily than ever before.

Now, Indiana Farmers Insurance is empowered with the foundation and insights to build and scale their agent portal.

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