User , Scaleups , Client Stories — 10.05.2019

How a Fresh Perspective and User Research Helped Zylo Evolve

Innovatemap Team

As a consumer, you likely subscribe to a fair share of platforms and software. Maybe you have a Spotify account, a Hello Fresh subscription and a gym membership; the list goes on. If you find it hard keep track of every account, you’re not the only one. Imagine how this problem manifests in large business managing thousands of employee subscriptions.

Enter Zylo, a SaaS management enterprise leader that simplifies software management. Zylo tracks every software purchased, identifies unused or redundant accounts, and finds discount opportunities to save enterprises money.


Experiencing major growth and looking to optimize their product, Zylo partnered with Innovatemap. With demonstrated market opportunity and a product just starting to take off, Zylo wanted to take a step back and ensure their platform was valuable to users. They needed an outside perspective of where they were and where they should go.

Additionally, Zylo needed to scale to support larger clients, and they wanted to make their product more valuable for a new type of user.


Armed with strong design and an in-house product team, Zylo needed us to offer a fresh perspective and accurately evaluate the value of the product.

To understand Zylo’s users, we started with a two-stage research process. The first stage was initial evaluative research to understand how users use the product using Zylo and the broader market trends surrounding the company software lifecycle. From this, we uncovered what users didn’t like and identified opportunities for improvement.

Then, we packaged research insights to equip the Zylo team to evangelize it internally. They passed this research to their product team and used it as tangible user feedback to implement changes to the product.

Using research insights, we updated the product design to better align the product with user needs. After presenting design concepts, we moved to the second stage of research: design validation. We asked the same users to evaluate the new designs based on how well they address user pains and goals.


Together, we created new design concepts that were validated by Zylo’s users. Equipped with concept designs and user research, Zylo evolved their product’s capabilities to maximize user impact and scale confidently.

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