How TechPoint Used Brand Hierarchy and a Premium Visual Identity to Scale with Confidence

Tech companies are in a constant battle to attract the best talent, and growing tech companies need access to resources. Because of this struggle, local organizations play a critical role in supporting and advocating for Indiana’s reputation as a tech pioneer.

It is precisely this mission that spurred the creation of TechPoint, a nonprofit industry-led growth accelerator for Indiana’s tech ecosystem. Through talent programs, company advancement, community engagement, and valuable insights, TechPoint connects and advocates for the success of Indiana tech.


TechPoint first approached Innovatemap with the idea to spin off a content platform from the TechPoint homepage in the fall of 2017. They had worked hard to foster the tech community in Indiana and created the foundation for a thriving ecosystem.

TechPoint had a wide variety of resources to serve the Indiana tech community, and had begun to establish their reputation as a network and leading source information in Indiana, but the site made it difficult for people to fully understand their offerings.

At this point, in order to maximize their brand awareness and clearly communicate everything that the TechPoint parent brand entailed (both digitally and non-digitally), they needed to create two separate platforms: One for written content and tech news, and one for TechPoint’s community initiatives such as talent programs, events and awards.

This expansion would allow the TechPoint parent brand to visually support the growing reputation they were establishing through connections they were making, events they were putting on, and content they were producing.


TechPoint engaged with Innovatemap to explore the future of the TechPoint platform: Splitting the TechPoint offerings into multiple platforms would have ramifications for the brand and future growth.

After an initial discovery to understand their vision and goals for the project, we conducted in-depth market landscaping of other tech ecosystems and best practices of content platforms. It became clear that an update to TechPoint’s brand hierarchy and identity would be necessary to support the outcomes they were looking for.

Our team came to the conclusion that TechPoint had the reputation and weight to be elevated as the parent brand, and that all of their other initiatives could live beneath the TechPoint umbrella, within their own sub-brands. We then conducted an in-depth brand hierarchy workshop to “clean out the garage,” and get out all of TechPoint’s initiatives, offerings, and programs in order to give them a clear organization beneath the TechPoint parent brand.

Once every initiative had a place beneath the TechPoint umbrella, we started the rebrand process. TechPoint needed an updated visual identity in order to elevate it as the parent brand that would be able to support everything else beneath it.

In addition, the new categories that had been created to organize TechPoint’s offerings needed their own visual identity that complemented the TechPoint parent brand, while also being able to stand alone.

We worked closely with the TechPoint team as we simultaneously rebranded TechPoint and gave a visual identity to what is now known as the TechPoint Index (content platform and TechPoint’s digital footprint), as well as the Mira Awards and Tech 25 awards.


Through our engagement, TechPoint established a visual identity that not only represented who they were, but also where they were going. TechPoint had been elevated as the parent brand, and their offerings were now organized into three main buckets: Talent, events, and content. Each of these buckets had also received their own sub-brands that complemented TechPoint proper, while still having a strong visual identity that allowed them to stand alone.

TechPoint wanted to be viewed as a national example of what it meant to be a successful tech accelerator, and they now had a visual identity to support that reputation. The new brand hierarchy and organized platform established TechPoint as the go-to source of information and connections for all of Indiana tech.


  • Your brand is the visual representation of what you have to offer — make sure that it is accurately putting your best foot forward and supports both what you have built and what you want your organization will grow into.
  • When an organization has been around for enough time, their online presence and offerings can become a little disjointed. Make sure to give every offering the attention it deserves and organize it in a way that people can easily understand everything you do.