How Encamp Streamlined Environmental Compliance to Be Simple and Convenient

Encamp, founded in 2017, makes environmental compliance faster, easier, and more accurate. As one Innovatemap team member describes it, Encamp is like TurboTax for environmental compliance and reporting. With strong ideas and lots of potential, Encamp was ready to take on the world — but they needed help optimizing and expanding their product.
Enter Innovatemap.


When Encamp came to us, they had just wrapped up their second Tier II reporting season and desired guidance to accelerate the product forward. “We realized there were a lot of gaps between our product and the regulatory knowledge we needed to incorporate into it. We had an overwhelming list of ideas and improvements and didn’t have a clear path forward. That’s when Innovatemap came in to help save the day,” said Megan Walters, VP of Compliance and Customer Success.

Ben Jacobs, VP of Engineering, articulated, “we had lots of ideas and some clear signals from customers but needed assistance in clarifying the product thinking and creating high-quality designs.”

The product had a strong foundation but needed improvements to its structure, user flow, and user experience. The original product was tricky to navigate, and the user flow was not ideal. Encamp needed help building a better overall compliance
reporting experience.

Additionally, Encamp wanted to expand the product offering to include other compliance areas such as hazardous waste reporting and field product
inventory capabilities.

Lacey Lavies (Executive Partner, Product Strategy & Client Experience), Jake Trowbridge (Senior Product Manager), Piyush Dawande (Product Designer), and team collaborated with Encamp to optimize their platform, making environmental compliance faster, more convenient and less tedious.


Encamp’s primary goals were to improve its product
so it could serve enterprise clients and make environmental compliance as easy to manage as possible. To help Encamp meet its goals, we started
by restructuring the information architecture, which
is fundamentally important to the usability of the platform. It ensures that users can find what they
need efficiently.

After re-working the foundation, we focused on designing an optimal experience for the existing platform and adding new features to expand the product offerings. This process included user journeys, creating block frame (low fidelity) designs, followed by concepts and high fidelity designs. Finally, we executed production design and provided development support. We improved Encamp’s user experience, with a focus on usability and product enhancements. Along the way, we helped the team create an environmental compliance reporting solution that is both simple
and engaging.

It is necessary to understand the industry the product exists in so we can create tailored solutions that will succeed. For Encamp, this meant understanding environmental regulations and all of the details that go into compliance, hazardous material tracking, and environmental data management. “We were ready to get our hands dirty and understand the whole space, even though it’s very complicated. For us to grasp it quickly and then provide solutions that solve those particular problems for them in the product — that is where we really excel with them,” explained Piyush.

Jake added, “we need their expertise, and we appreciate their perspective as we go into design, because they have a great sense for what they need and we can layer on top of that and add value.” The Encamp team helps us understand the complicated requirements of environmental health safety compliance, and the Innovatemap team translates those needs and layers in product and design expertise.