“We had a great product experience, but it was dressed wrong.

Pete Dunn, CEO + Founder, Your Money Line

“We didn’t want to just do a rebrand or logo positioning. We needed somebody who would tackle it from a product standpoint.”

Renato Profico, Doodle

“You know how you wish for a new haircut every once in a while? Well, we’ve had the same haircut for years now.”

Darren Bassman, Microblink

Winning market share takes more than features and functionality. Buyers must understand and believe.

How people think and feel about your product matters. It impacts their willingness to try, buy, renew and recommend. Our team of experts helps product-minded companies of all sizes shape how buyers see you to communicate with clarity and confidence.

You see a future that others don’t. We live in the future. We can help your team and the market see what you see.

Great founders and CEOs live three years in the future. In order to get there, you need a team who can look into the future with you. Paint your vision for us and we’ll help clarify if in a better way.

It’s no accident the world’s most valuable company has the most beautiful design and most compelling messaging.

If you believe your audience’s opinion shapes willingness to buy and try, then you need a really great brand identity. We help shape that opinion.

Problems we solve

  • I need to look more credible.
  • The way we look is misaligned with who we are and who we want to be.
  • We need people to see us differently.
  • People don’t understand what we do.

Outcomes you’ll reach

  • I’m proud of the way my product looks.
  • Buyers get us and understand why they should buy from us.
  • Our revenue is significantly increasing.
  • Our marketing and sales teams are enabled.

We help market leaders evolve and advance.

Doodle, a professional scheduling tool, was ready for its first rebrand after 15 years serving a global market.

We redefined Doodle’s positioning and crafted compelling messages to match. Working 1:1 with Doodle’s designers, we determined the guiding brand concept and supported its activation in illustrations, an updated website, a video, and more.

“We were looking for a hands-on partner with expertise in product. We didn’t want someone just doing the rebranding, logo, or positioning. Our team needed somebody to tackle our rebrand from a product standpoint. And we found that in Innovatemap.”

— Renato Profico, Doodle CEO

We help startups differentiate in competitive categories and enter markets with momentum.

Parkday, based in New York, builds sustainable, data-driven food programs for companies and their employees.

With a solid pipeline of prospects and an app live in market, Parkday needed our expertise crafting the right message to resonate with buyers.

“We’ve known from day one that contract food is an unsexy business and there was an opportunity to create a real brand in the space. Innovatemap helped us strategize an approach that was clearly differentiated from market incumbents and geared towards the up-and-coming generation of eaters.”

— Melvin Skochdopole, Parkday Co-Founder

How we work


We’ll align on your business strategy, vision, and the problem at hand.


We’ll create a foundation for your verbal and visual brand.


We’ll enable you to bring it to market in ways it impacts your business.

“I’ve never had a partner feel so much like an extension of my own team as Innovatemap did. They became Authenticx teammates. The team led conversations that took me from mystery to clarity, fast. Innovatemap knows how to activate
a founders’ mindset, taking it from ideation to clarity and decision-making, all the while being supportive and acknowledging the challenging parts of the process.”

— Amy Brown, CEO & Founder @ Authenticx

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