Lee Eisenbarth

VP, Brand & Product Design

Lee Eisenbarth’s journey in the tech industry spans more than a decade beginning at a creative agency 15 years ago. Leading product and brand design across a breadth of industries, from early-stage startups to large-scale corporations, his unique superpower lies in blending creativity with business acumen — a skill that’s helped him navigate four successful acquisitions.

Now, leading Brand and Product Design at Innovatemap, Lee contributes his unique perspective to a stellar design team. He’s committed to shaping innovative design by creating user-centered products that people don’t just use, but love. Lee brings focused energy to the process of turning ideas into tangible realities. He’s passionate about emerging technology to enhance accessibility and usability, while fostering a culture of world-class design.

Beyond creating impactful designs, Lee is an avid runner and gardener, as well as dog dad to Tesla.