Jeremiah Steiner featured as Innovatemap's Senior Brand Designer

Jeremiah Steiner

Senior Brand Designer

Jeremiah Steiner’s background in branding, digital art and web design has shaped his career in graphic design. With more than a decade of agency experience, he’s helped companies of all sizes and from various industries bring their brands to life through logos, websites, pitch decks and more.

Jeremiah’s extensive experience fosters creativity and inspires innovation, helping our partners push their creative boundaries. He helps companies articulate their unique value with his expertise in translating complex ideas into compelling visual narratives. To Jeremiah, building impactful digital experiences is achieved by understanding the intersection between technology and design.

Outside of creating impactful brands, Jeremiah’s passion for exploring nature, art and interesting design reflects his desire to develop new ideas and learn something each day. Whether it’s a morning hike or thrifting at a local vintage store, he always has an eye out for unique inspiration from the world around him.