Jake Trowbridge

Principal Product Manager

Jake Trowbridge is a problem-solver and storyteller who thrives in a creative environment. As an experienced product manager, he lives by the belief that the more challenging the problem, the better when bringing the best digital products to life.

For Jake, the core of product management is relationships. To succeed, he knows he must learn from every client as much as he teaches them to be successful. Bringing a product to life requires facing challenges, and with Jake, everyone’s perspective on how to solve the problem is seen, valued, and respected to find the best path forward.  He also embraces this approach with the Innovatemap team, leading by example and championing the ideas of the product managers around him.

You can find Jake at live music festivals throughout the year, but his free time never looks the same.  He loves to start new hobbies and find adventures with his friends and family by his side.

Selected Work