Jake Ledford

Product Designer

Jake solves complex problems through elevated user experiences and product design. The bigger and more unfamiliar the problem, the more excited he is to solve it. And when the solution brings happiness to the clients and teams he’s working with, that’s what makes the journey worthwhile for Jake.

Jake gives his all to all his projects. From Jake, you can expect ample questions to uncover product needs and a good laugh. An avid enjoyer of people, Jake is fueled by the desire to help others overcome their biggest challenges. After discovering his love for product design at Purdue University, Jake became laser-focused on being the best designer and teammate he can be. He prides himself on his ability to bring fresh perspective and vibrant personality to any team.

Catch Jake SCUBA diving (yes, he has a license), enjoying obscure foreign films, or road tripping with friends and taking loads of pictures.