About Innovatemap — 05.22.2024

Making Impact On and Off the Court with The Progeny Foundation

Nick Roethlein, Product Marketer

Basketball players in a gym with text overlay reading The Progeny Foundation

Our mission has always been simple: to help the leaders we believe in achieve the product visions they believe in. 

For us, that often translates to our partners in the tech ecosystem—but not always. Sometimes we get an opportunity to collaborate outside of the tech industry with a passionate founder working towards a meaningful mission.

In this case, The Progeny Foundation.

The Mission

Founded by David DeRam, CEO of Greenlight Guru, The Progeny Foundation is a youth basketball program dedicated to supporting and developing young players through intense athletic development, structured academic support and unique life skills training.

While their daily focus is basketball, the impact and lessons learned stretch far beyond the sport. Progeny equips their athletes with not only the training they need to be great players on the court, but also the tools and resources they need to achieve their dreams in life outside of the gym. 

We created a hype video to generate excitement and show what it’s like to be a part of the Progeny Team.

The mission to support and develop young student-athletes is one that everyone can rally behind. But they needed help telling the right story and reaching their intended audience through their digital platforms. They struggled to highlight the magic of their program on their website, where they needed be more effective in attracting the attention of players, coaches and recruiters to extend their impact.

Together, we set out to do just that. 

“I’ve always believed in the power of merging personal passions with our professional talents. Partnering with The Progeny Foundation, we didn’t just revamp their product, we fueled their mission,” said Mike Reynolds, Innovatemap CEO and Founder.

Our Partnership

We worked with David to understand their player development philosophies, along with the Progeny coaches to unpack what makes their training style unique. We connected with players to hear first-hand what makes Progeny so important to them.

To see the team in action, we visited their Indianapolis training facility, The Guru Arena. Here, we talked directly with players, captured photos and even hosted an impromptu slam dunk contest. 

We wanted the world to see Progeny the same way we did. Capturing content through conversations, video and photography gave us the foundational elements we needed to infuse within their new messaging, brand and website.

“I’ve been proud to support David and his passion for the Progeny Foundation over the last several years. Our team was elated to help revamp Progeny’s digital presence,” said Mike.

The Progeny Foundation is housed within the Greenlight Guru Arena featuring multiple basketball courts and a state-of-the-art training facility training equipment typically reserved for professional athletes.

We partnered with the Progeny Foundation to:

  • Capture their expansive philosophy with intentional and powerful words to establish foundational messaging.
  • Redesign and launch their new site with beautiful design, exciting animation and custom photography. 
  • Create a highlight video spotlighting the players’ impressive skillsets, along with the power of being a part of the Progeny team.
  • Equip their team with player headshots, videos, graphics and additional marketing collateral.

Innovatemap listened to our very unique needs and has brought our brand to life through our website and social platforms,” said David DeRam, Founder and CEO at The Progeny Foundation. “They brought an army of photographers and videographers into our gym, captured the energy of Progeny, and delivered that energy to our digital channels.”

The Impact

Progeny’s impact within the community is felt far beyond the game of basketball. The goal of our partnership was to bring their story to life on their website in a way that helps them stand out and reach more future players and coaches through their unique approach to the game. 

Now, their digital presence reflects their philosophies on life skills and development, as well as their passion for the sport. Their site now attracts more athletes, coaches, and community support to continue their mission of making meaningful impact in the communities they serve.

When a partnership combines sport and tech, it’s a win-win for the Innovatemap team. We’re incredibly proud to have partnered with The Progeny Foundation to help them achieve their goals of building smarter, stronger Indiana basketball players both on and off the court. 

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