About Innovatemap — 10.25.2022

Innovatemap Celebrates New York Tech Week

Ashley King, Senior Growth Manager

Innovatemap is rooted in relationships. It’s a core pillar of how and why we do business. From the start, we’ve placed a high value on building meaningful connections within the Indianapolis tech community.  We invest in genuine relationships with our clients, stakeholders and ecosystem partners to celebrate each other’s successes and offer help when we can.

As we’ve grown, our roots have expanded to include New York City. As our New York team has grown, so have our relationships. Behind all the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, there’s a strong desire for real connections. We grew our network in Indy through coffee meetings and happy hours. New York is similar in that way — greeting people with a handshake goes a long way to build trust and rapport. 

Nearly two years after launching in New York City, our team hosted a Pour Over event in celebration of New York Tech Week. Throughout the week, more than 6,000 people gathered at hundreds of events to celebrate the community’s tech industry.

“It was the reunion we were all excited for,” said Tyler Bugg, Director of Communications at Tech:NYC. “Tech is quickly becoming a leading driver of the city’s overall economy, and initiatives like New York Tech Week echo the values we know make this sector unique: community, collaboration, and a commitment to the city we all love.”

At Innovatemap’s Pour Over event, the conversations and connections were exceptional. We finally had the chance to interact with clients that we’ve only ever met through a Zoom call. And to have everyone in the same room — that’s something we never take for granted.

Zoom calls and Slack groups are certainly effective, but sharing a drink with our friends from Parkday is priceless. The in-person experience is always worth the investment.

While it can sometimes feel like we’re a small fish in a big pond in the city, being a part of New York Tech Week gave us the chance to put our name on the map. We were both humbled and excited to hear new founders mention our name and clients delight in the work we’re doing. The Pour Over event was a moment for us to reflect on how far we’ve come and to validate why we came to New York in the first place.

We do our best work when we are unapologetically ourselves. And for us, that means being kind and good to the town. Our Indianapolis office was built on these principles. And while the town looks a little different in New York City, the message still rings true. 

It is in our midwestern roots to be friendly and lend a hand to our fellow community members. Those values don’t disappear once you land at LaGuardia. 

We aren’t just your digital product agency. We are your champions and confidants. When you are successful, so are we. When the tech ecosystem thrives in the Midwest and in New York, so do we. 

So what’s next for the NYC Innovatemap team? 

We’ll keep building relationships and making space for in-person experiences. We can’t wait to meet over coffee or join you for a happy hour. And we’re especially excited to celebrate new clients with champagne toasts at the office. We’ll continue helping NYC founders bring their digital product visions to life.