About Innovatemap — 07.26.2019

Innovatemap Announces the Release of the Better Product Podcast

Innovatemap Team

Innovatemap, a digital product agency headquartered in Broad Ripple, announces the release of the Better Product Podcast.

Through engaging conversations with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and innovators, hosts Anna Eaglin and Christian Beck explore what it takes to build better digital products. Better Product season one features insightful conversations with innovative heads of product from companies like Springbuk, 120 Water Audit and Costello, as well as product-minded executives from companies like Lessonly, Sigstr and Canvas.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this new resource,” says CEO Mike Reynolds. “As an agency, we have the unique opportunity to hear awesome stories from Indy tech leaders and brilliant product minds, so we felt like we should be the ones to spearhead this product-focused discussion and share the insights and learnings with a broader audience.”

Better Product weaves a narrative story about the good, the bad, and the ugly of ideating and activating on the digital products that have launched businesses and changed the world. Tune in to the first four episodes of the Better Product Podcast, available wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Kyle Lacy, CEO at Lessonly, talks about how to run a product-led company with a compelling brand and messaging that tells the right story for users.
  • Chelsea Linder, director at gBETA, discusses the importance of the product pitch in fundraising, sharing your vision and generating buy-in.
  • Dan Hanrahan, founder and president of Sigstr, gives insights into product packaging and pricing to help your software move from its first customer to its millionth.
  • From Upperhand, Myles Grote, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, and Tyler Hill, Chief Design Officer, dive into the details of how to use product design to guide company decisions and find the right product-market fit.

Innovatemap, founded in 2014, has helped over 100 clients bring new digital product ideas to life or bring existing digital products to a new level through work in their core competencies: Product design (UX), product management, product marketing and product brand. This podcast was created as a way to bring together product professionals and give real-world insights that listeners can use to make a real difference in their day-to-day.

“There are plenty of great resources already out there around entrepreneurship and funding, but there aren’t a lot of resources to help product professionals actually bring their tech ideas to life,” says executive design partner and podcast host Christian Beck. “Product professionals are so busy doing their jobs, this podcast gives them the platform to share the details of their day-to-day work so others can learn from their successes, mistakes and journeys.”

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Tune in to hear the first four episodes, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!