About Innovatemap — 08.02.2021

Celebrating Growth and Our Team in the First Half of 2021

At Innovatemap, life moves pretty fast. Between growing our team and helping our clients reach their full potential, we’ve had our hands full from the beginning of 2021 until now. But our team also believes in taking a necessary pause from time to time to celebrate our wins and build momentum for what’s next. 

That’s why we decided to step away from work June 25 to celebrate the first half of 2021. We filed our work away early and spent the day celebrating at Living Room Theaters in the Indianapolis Bottleworks District. While much of this day was about having fun, the first half celebration introduced a needed intermission for our team to reflect on progress made and chart out some exciting next steps. 

Here’s what we learned from reflecting on our growth: 

Our team is at the heart of it all. If you’ve ever encountered our CEO Mike Reynolds, you know we approach our agency with the mindset that “our product is our people.” Not only did the First Half Celebration show the literal expansion of our team with new faces and names, but it also demonstrated our commitment to each other in even the most challenging times. 

The Innovatemap team celebrates the year’s wins at our First Half Celebration June 25 at Living Room Theaters. Photo by Ally Inglis. 

Our world has a growing need for great digital products. The number of clients we serve has doubled since 2020, meaning we’ve helped more people tell a better story about their products, build new products right, and get amazing tools in front of the right people. What’s more, these clients have moved Innovatemap’s work beyond the Midwest and help audiences on an international stage. 

Closing out a first half is great, but what about the rest of 2021? Innovatemap has several exciting ventures on the horizon as well: 

We’re making strides in NYC. Meghan and Diana have been holding down the fort in our New York office, but now they have room to share. They recently moved into a four-person office as we prepare to build a full NYC team and widen our network. Speaking of which…

Our community is taking off. You might be familiar with our Better Product Community, which launched in early 2020 to elevate the conversation around designing, managing, branding, and marketing better products. The Better Product Community is growing between our local and international audiences, and we want you to be involved as we unveil several exciting projects you won’t want to miss.