Buyer , Startups , Client Stories — 07.27.2019

How Product Marketing Equipped DriverReach to Scale

Innovatemap Team

Did you know the average person changes jobs nearly ten times in their lifetime?

Jeremy Reymer, CEO and founder of DriverReach, knows this is a real problem in the trucking industry. At any given time, there is a shortage of truck drivers and regulations make it difficult, inefficient and time-consuming to hire.

Enter DriverReach, a driver recruiting management system that helps recruiters convert leads, increase productivity and hire faster.


After building the DriverReach MVP, Jeremy struggled to scale. He realized that as the product gained traction, it was critical to align on one consistent and repeatable way to explain DriverReach’s value in sales and marketing materials.

Additionally, the product had strong functionality, but the features lacked the organization necessary for customers to understand. As a result, buyers undervalued DriverReach, and the team struggled to articulate the product’s value to convince them otherwise.

Together, we partnered to refresh DriverReach’s product marketing and equip sales and marketing teams with a consistent, compelling way to resonate with buyers.


To refresh DriverReach’s product marketing strategy, we conducted a product positioning workshop. This aligned the team on a foundational statement which guides all marketing and sales efforts. After creating the foundational statement, we aligned on the messaging pillars, or key benefits, of the product so customers can easily understand the product’s value.

Then, we conducted a product hierarchy workshop to understand how products should be organized. By creating a master list of all product features, we grouped together products that accomplished similar goals and offered complementary value to users. Now, customers more easily understand how the product adds value and solves their pains.

Finally, we activated the foundational product marketing into sales and marketing materials. We equipped the sales team with a sales deck that clearly explains DriverReach’s capabilities and value that buyers can understand and appreciate. Supporting materials for various industry events, marketing tools and a new website help amplify their reach.


With a growing sales team, the work we did together is foundational to DriverReach. Refreshed positioning and an established product hierarchy aligns and equips sales and marketing with a consistent message. Now, customers easily understand DriverReach’s value, so the team experiences a frictionless sales process and a stickier customer base.

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