Buyer , Scaleups , Client Stories — 07.26.2019

How Positioning, Brand and Product Hierarchy Unified Tangoe’s Post-Acquisition Teams

Acquisitions are like expanding a family. Just like a company, each family member has their own history and distinct personality that is equally important. So acquisition often creates misalignment because the stories don’t match. The acquiring company needs to align everyone, and often a third party can help.

Tangoe is the leading Enterprise Technology Management Provider that manages enterprise technology environments. They partnered with us after acquiring several companies, each contributing unique value. To become one cohesive entity, Tangoe needed to align on one succinct story.


Tangoe’s new acquisitions had complex histories. Tangoe needed help navigating their histories and evolving the company. To take the product to market successfully, Tangoe needed a unified foundation for communicating value and an updated visual identity to match.

To resonate with their customers, Tangoe needed to clearly explain the product’s value. They wanted to retain the integrity of their acquisitions and valuable features while creating a simple and consistent market-facing persona.


To align Tangoe’s team on product marketing, we started with positioning. We established a strong framework to communicate the Tangoe’s benefits on their website.

Then, we built a product hierarchy to organize the brands. We aligned on three solutions within a single platform: Tangoe Fixed, Tangoe Mobile, and Tangoe Cloud. Now, buyers understand what each product does and why it matters.

Finally, we created a brand identity that was modern, inspiring, and buyer-focused to better represent who Tangoe wants to be.

Together, we created a framework of language and visuals that was consistent, modern and scalable. We designed a new positioning strategy and visual identity by providing them with messaging, brand and product visuals. Then, we activated visuals on their website and in marketing materials, including their customer conference. Beyond their conference and website, this framework was activated throughout the company to produce consistent deliverables and communications.


The result? A solid, unified foundation for Tangoe that aligned teams, enabling growth. Armed with a product hierarchy, visual identity, positioning, and messaging, Tango has a unified voice that will help them scale.

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