Buyer , Startups , Client Stories — 07.29.2019

How Messaging, Brand and a Website Equipped Olio to Raise it’s Seed Round

Innovatemap Team

In the past, hospitals could celebrate surgery post-op as a job well done. Patients were discharged and assigned to therapy companies who bore the financial burden of a speedy recovery. In today’s world, payments are bundled across the entire episode of care, placing pressure on both sides to play nice. Hospitals now have a financial interest in faster recoveries and reduced readmissions. And therapy companies need credible data to differentiate themselves from competitors. But there’s a problem – hospitals don’t have an easy way to affect therapy outcomes and therapists don’t have a way to prove efficacy.

Enter Olio – a HIPAA-compliant digital communication platform that closes the communication loop between hospitals and therapists.

Olio partnered with Innovatemap before they had a product, name, brand, revenue or funding. Together, we established an online presence and visual identity so Olio could go to market with momentum.


While raising their seed, Olio had a strong vision and a team of outbound go-getters but lacked online credibility.

Olio needed to quickly establish an online presence that conveyed value to the right audiences, established credibility and differentiated them in market. This included foundational product marketing, a product site, a brand, and product design concepts.

Most product sites we design in the B2B software space are judged by a simple metric – can it educate visitors and convert them into leads? In these instances, sales teams rely on marketing activity centered around the site to generate many inbound opportunities.

This wasn’t our metric for success for Olio because the founding team was comprised of seasoned medical device sales pros who knew outbound well. Coupled with a large average deal size and a finite addressable market, Olio didn’t need to rely heavily on inbound leads.


With these considerations in mind, our primary goal was to leave visitors with a lasting impression: Olio recognized a massive problem, and they solve it better than anyone else.

Together, we designed a simple, premium product site with close attention to detail, subtle animations, thoughtful layouts, and a credibility boosting leadership page. We adopted many leading B2C design and brand principles to differentiate Olio from others in the outdated healthcare space.

The homepage hero includes concise copy, ample white space, motion, block frames and product screens. To clearly show that Olio understands the problems it’s audiences face, we includes a dedicated ‘current state’ section which speaks directly to buyers.


Armed with a product site, brand, name, messaging and visual identity, Olio exceeded their seed round goal before the planned close date and landed several major clients. The site will serve as Olio’s hub for online brand credibility as the outbound team develops relationships and the company scales.

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