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Our Work

Innovatemap is a team of experts in digital product research, branding, marketing, and design. We specialize in product disciplines that are foundational to any high-growth B2B SaaS company. Startups and scaleups hire us to build or revamp their digital product in order to attract, engage, and retain more users. We act as your virtual product team for all of your product needs and can help you meet your goals.

What We Do

We help you resonate with your buyers and users.

Product Marketing

We help you articulate your value internally and externally so that it’s clear why your business and your product matter.


We seek to understand your market, your competition, and your users through in-depth research and analysis.

Product Management

From idea to launch, we ensure you’re building the right solution for the right problem and the right user.

Design & User Experience

We design beautiful, effective, and user-friendly experiences to attract, engage, and retain your customers.