How Tangoe Used Foundational Positioning, Brand, and Product Hierarchy to Unify Acquisitions and Align Teams

Acquisitions are like expanding a family. Each person who comes into the family has their own histories and distinct personalities that are equally important to the whole. Acquisitions, just like relatives, are valued for their individuality. But that can create some problems when each company has their own unique story that doesn’t line up with the others. The acquiring company needs to get everyone on the same page, and sometimes it takes a third party to make that happen.

Tangoe is the leading Enterprise Technology Management Provider focused on helping you manage your enterprise technology environment. They partnered with us after a multitude of acquisitions, expanding their family. The companies they acquired each contribute unique value to the overall company, and in order to be the cohesive entity that they dreamed of being they needed to align on one succinct story.


These new acquisitions came into the Tangoe family with complex histories. We needed to help Tangoe navigate these histories and bring a fresh take to their evolving company. This meant that the new Tangoe team had to align on a consistent way of talking about themselves and a visual identity that was just as updated and modern as they were. In order to take the product to market successfully, they needed to sing the song of Tangoe in unison.

That harmony was achieved through a dedicated team that was so ready to work together. They needed to simplify and breathe new life into their complex platform, which meant collaborating on a unified product message. Explaining the value of Tangoe meant not confusing customers, and offering a clear explanation of the product’s value. They needed to retain the integrity of their acquisitions and the valuable features they brought with them, while creating a market-facing persona that was simple and consistent.


The first step in our partnership were getting everyone on the same page. That meant meetings with their key players in order to align on the positioning of their new Tangoe Platform. We worked to establish a strong framework to communicate the new Tangoe Platform and the benefits on their home page and solution pages.

Our next step was figuring out their new product hierarchy that incorporated all acquisitions. We aligned on three solutions within a single platform: Tangoe Fixed, Tangoe Mobile, and Tangoe Cloud. The last step was to create a brand identity that was modern, inspiring, and people-focused to make the new Tangoe look like the industry leaders they are.

Our goal was to create a framework of language and visuals that was consistent, modern, scalable, and fluid. We designed a new positioning strategy and visual identity by providing them with messaging, brand and product visuals that were applied to their website and launched at their customer conference, Tangoe LIVE. Beyond their conference and website, this framework will be activated throughout the company to produce consistent deliverables and communications, both internally and externally.


The end result of our partnership was a solid, unified foundation for their company that would ensure alignment across the organization and help them continue to grow and scale. Tangoe went live successfully with their updated foundation. They now have a product hierarchy, visual identity, positioning, and messaging that will stand strong throughout all facets of their business. Ultimately, the expanding Tangoe organization found its unified voice and learned how to harmonize as a team.


  • When communicating a unified vision make sure the message is simple, relevant, and consistent across all internal and external teams and communications. Consistency is key.
  • Creating a scalable product and brand hierarchy will set you up for success with either organic or acquisition-based growth.
  • Design your website with your target market (or markets) in mind. If the value propositions are different from solution to solution, speak to them clearly and simply.