Give your customers a product experience they’ll love.

If your digital product isn’t user-friendly by today’s standards, customers will stop using it.

Your competitors have a better user experience (UX) than you do, and your customers know it. Delight your customers with a digital product that helps, not hurts, your brand. Keep them coming back.

At Innovatemap, our digital product experts work with you to:

  • Claim your unique position in market and stand out with a compelling, scalable brand.
  • Validate your idea with user and market research.
  • Prioritize the correct features and bring your idea to life through product design and screens.
  • Socialize your idea with confidence and equip your team to evangelize.



Commercial real estate services company

Stanley Security

Consumer and business security

Delta Faucet

Consumer faucet products

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“We’ve been able to drastically reduce Call Center traffic and customer service requests with our newly redesigned dashboard.”

Product Leader @ Global Security Company

How We Help

Our team of product managers, product marketers and product designers challenge, research, design, and launch products users love.


Evaluate current user interfaces for usability, effectiveness, and compliance. Apply user-centric research to inform the right workflows and features to build. Perform market research to gain insight your position and differentiation against competitors.


Listen directly to users to validate your product assumptions and design. Support of product and development teams through production design. Establish scalable design libraries based on modern user experience paradigms.


Communicate technical product features and functionality through presentation decks that walk your user through the product.

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