We are your digital product agency.

We help established businesses complement, differentiate, or transform their core business with a digital play.

Product Design

Refresh your digital experiences with user-focused design.

Users have high expectations for all their digital interactions. Our product designers renovate your existing digital touchpoints to create a modern and enjoyable experience that keeps them coming back.

I need to modernize my digital touchpoints.

In Innovatemap we have found a true partner in ensuring our product has a purposeful design and product messaging. I feel like the Innovatemap team is truly invested the success of our product.

Rick WalkerSenior Product Manager, Stanley Security
Product Design & Marketing

Conceptualize and socialize your digital idea.

Digital ideas are powerful when you can communicate your vision and gain internal buy-in. Our product experts work with you to create a plan, design concepts, and socialize your idea.

I want to get buy-in for my idea.

Product Management & Research

Uncover digital opportunities in your market.

Digital transformation can be a game-changer for your business. Our product managers provide insights, strategies, and recommendations on your digital opportunities and competitive advantages so you can take the next step with clarity and confidence.

I want help discovering digital opportunities.

The relentless focus on the end user between a company with a long-term focus on hardware and a company with a long-term focus on software really helped us think outside our normal paradigms for the user experience of this product.

Mike SaleSenior Product Manager, First Wave (a Delta Faucet Company)
Product Management & Research

Leverage research to answer your digital unknowns.

Demystify the digital landscape to understand your playing field. Our product managers conduct user, competitive, and market research to inform your strategy and direction.

I need to better understand my digital landscape.

Product Design & Marketing

Streamline your business with a digital product.

Gaining internal efficiencies is a critical component to accelerate business growth. Our product experts work with your team to design a digital product that makes their lives easier and your business better.

I need a digital strategy to streamline my business.

There is no way our product would be where it is today if you were to remove Innovatemap from the equation. They joined as our design + product partner when the Network was only an idea and were a driving force in making it a reality.

Sally ReasonerVP Talent Identification, Ascend
Product Brand

Establish the brand relationship between your digital products and core business.

The best digital products map brand strategy to business strategy. Our product experts help you decide if your digital product is synonymous, separate, or complementary to the core brand so you can enter the market with clarity and maximize your investment.

I need to understand how my brands fit together.

We allowed Innovatemap to shape and mold our external brand, creating a fresh identity. Thanks to their team, we feel as confident in our brand as we do in our products and programs.

Sara CroftSenior Director of Communications, TechPoint
Product Marketing

Equip your team to market and sell your digital product.

Marketing and selling a digital product brings unique challenges and opportunities. Our product marketers equip you with the tools to explain your new product, the problems it solves, the features that make it valuable, and why buyers should care.

I need to give my team the right tools to market.