TJ Nieset

Marketing Designer

When Innovatemap needs to find its voice, TJ leads the way. He does this knowing he can’t create effective designs alone. Through design, TJ represents everyone around him in compelling ways to communicate who we are.

From his first job working at a Chicago tattoo shop, TJ built an appreciation for transparency and active communication within creative teams. With years of design and agency experience since then, TJ continues to value the power of feedback. He balances big-vision creations with high-impact microprojects that support team culture. Whether it’s a rebrand for the Better Product Community or stickers for his colleagues, TJ’s work helps us understand the Innovatemap experience, inside and outside our doors.

TJ plays video games way too late on the weekends and loves local concerts. When it’s warm, he enjoys visiting parks with his wife, Taylor, and their dog, Navi.