Piyush Dawande

Product Designer

Piyush advocates for accessible designs and humanistic products. He achieves this through effective collaboration and by seeking to learn from the ingenuity around him.

An engineer-turned-designer, Piyush is focused on creating design systems that support lasting outcomes for companies like Stanley, Boost, and Encamp. Knowing that product design is a team sport, Piyush believes the best outcomes happen when ideas are shared openly and when every person’s perspective counts. He’s our team’s Figma professor, the mind behind UX Friday, and knows all the tips and tricks product designers need to thrive in today’s competitive digital product industry.

When Piyush isn’t building product vision concepts or designing mockups, he actively writes about design and participates in community events. His most recent adventures have taken him rock climbing at North Mass Boulder, and he’s always planning his next travel destination.