Jesse Helm

Web Developer

Jesse Helm builds cutting-edge websites that engage and inspire. But his work doesn’t stop there. As he creates, Jesse empowers clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to own their website for years to come.

With a foundation in the services industry that keeps him focused on client satisfaction, Jesse is an active collaborator who’s delivered transformational projects to Your Money Line and Authenticx. While he describes himself as a steady, have-my-ducks-in-a-row worker, Jesse always loves trying something new. He’s eager to share his expertise and routinely educates the Innovatemap team on web development trends and digital accessibility.

An aficionado of old-world media and electronics, Jesse’s happiest when he’s browsing dusty cassette decks or thumbing through a hidden stash of LaserDiscs. On the weekends, you can find him at local art shows, playing with his cats, and finding frogs in his backyard.

Selected Work