Derek Onay

Product Manager & Product Designer

Derek believes empathy creates the best outcomes in product. As part product manager, part product designer, he demonstrates every day that it’s not only quality work that’s valuable; you have to create secure, authentic relationships along the way.

An ideas person at heart, Derek’s career spans the breadth of what product has to offer. He got his start in software engineering and soon transitioned to UX, where he delved into user research and design. His experience in UX honed his ability to work across industries and help stakeholders make better decisions. No matter where you are in your product’s lifecycle, Derek approaches every moment with proactive conversation—and a bit of fun.

Challenge Derek to a game of kickball if you dare (he’s a local champion) or strike up a conversation in German (he’s fluent). Otherwise, grab your bike helmet and find Derek cruising around Indy or playing soccer.