Christian Beck

Executive Partner, Growth Strategy & Design

Christian Beck is driven by seeing homegrown ideas come to life. By owning Innovatemap’s revenue and growth strategy, he connects our agency with clients who want to lead in their industries with digital products.

With experience at a top Silicon Valley software company, Christian moved back to Indianapolis to scale a design team at a large marketing tech company before joining Innovatemap. He created our design practice from scratch, starting with a clear goal: create processes to help our designers become the most efficient in the industry. When he achieved this, Christian redirected his focus to spearheading our growth team, including our client success, sales, and marketing efforts. His mission today is to provide our team with meaningful, exciting work they won’t get anywhere else. He leads with context so our team can see the problems and opportunities before us while empowering others to solve them using their own talents.

Christian lends his mentorship as an advisor to several early-stage startups and shares his perspectives as co-host of the Better Product podcast. He spends his free time reading, running and cycling, playing with his kids, and trying local restaurants with his wife.

Selected Work