Cassidy Belk

Marketing Associate

Cassidy Belk shows the world how great our team is. As Innovatemap’s Marketing Intern, Cassidy gives as much as she can to the team so their brilliance can be shared with the world. Within herself, she embraces a growth mindset and is always toying with new ideas. She joins Innovatemap through the TechPoint Xtern program from Valparaiso University.

Between writing stories about our clients’ wins, sharing articles on the blog, supporting events, and so much more, Cassidy brings a smile to every interaction. She strives to learn as much as possible about the world and acquire new skills, whether that’s in marketing, writing, design, or something else. Cassidy’s next adventure is never far from reach.

Overwhelmingly, Cassidy is excited to grow with Innovatemap and continue to learn from the team.

Cassidy spends much of her free time in the kitchen concocting her next great treat (editor’s note: if you ever meet her, I highly recommend the earl grey and lavender cupcakes). You can also find her immersed in all things musical—attending concerts, browsing record stores, tinkering with new songs, and spamming the team with music recommendations. She’s down to debate almost any topic and will never turn down a late night drive to nowhere, provided she’s on the aux.