Cassidy Belk

Marketing Manager

Cassidy Belk amplifies our work at Innovatemap with inspired writing and dedicated internal leadership. At other agencies, change is slow-moving. At Innovatemap, change is constant—and that’s great for marketers like Cassidy. She harnesses what drives our ever-evolving work to help us move fast, share our wins, and connect with the people who need our help.

Between writing stories about our clients’ achievements and what life looks like for our growing team, Cassidy executes stellar events, sets new standards for our internal operations, and gets people excited about Innovatemap. She brings a smile and determination to every interaction, all while lending her organizational skills to the wider team. She pays attention to the little things, never stops looking for great ideas, and embraces a growth mindset.

Cassidy spends much of her free time in the kitchen concocting her next great treat. You’ll also find her immersed in music—attending concerts, browsing record stores, and tinkering with new songs.