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We are a patchwork of dreamers, designers, and futurists. We are high on collaboration, low on ego, and take happy hour seriously.

60+ Years Executive Team SaaS Experience
#452 Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies 2018
#2 Fastest Growing Indiana Tech Company 2018
12+ Hosted Events per Year
12 Tech Company Visitors per Week
200+ Articles Authored
Mike Reynolds CEO
Family of seven. Energized by people. Oftenly makes up words. This is our year, Cubbies. Founder and father figure at Innovatemap.
Tina Hafer Product Marketing & Strategy
Social butterfly. Drives a convertible and a minivan. Culinary explorer, live music listener, and lover of the outdoors. Explains the unexplainable.
Lacey Lavies Product Management & Strategy
Judd and Austin’s mom. One All Day IPA, please. Contagious laugher. Broad Ripple advocate. Makes the dreamwork through teamwork.
Christian Beck Product Design & Strategy
Jumbotron frequenter. Genealogist in training. Harry Caray impersonator. Devil’s advocate. Thinks at 30k feet, yet sees the missing pixel.
Jon Moore Product Design
Jon of all trades and expert of many. Office photographer and weatherman. Closet chef. Asker of questions. Designs for sport.
Anna Eaglin Product Management & Research
Forever curious. Trivia MVP. Fixer-upper and aspiring botanist. Triathlete in training. User research and spreadsheet specialist.
Katie Lukes Product Management
Knitter of snakes, monkeys, hats, and scarves. Easy to be around, hard to frazzle. Hat in Deutschland 5 Jahre gewohnt. Organizes the madness.
Andy Kennedy Product Brand & Marketing
Wearer of oversized headphones. Eats with a purpose. Great socks and social chameleon. Coffee connoisseur. Word wrangler. Brand guru.
Sara Napierkowski Business Development & Operations
Makes great salads. Crayola Model Magic hand-model. O Little Town of Bethlehem, PA. Background chuckler. Monon commuter. Holds Mike accountable.
Evan Tank Product Design
Evan's ville native. Loves Springsteen's "I'm on fire" and was once on fire. Not puzzled by crosswords. Suspected trouble-maker. Designer of beats and screens.
Meghan Pfeifer Product Brand & Marketing
Fashionista. Has 70 first cousins. Sees music in color. Millennial flower child. Crab cakes and ND football. Designs like a champion today.
Yhareli Chamboneth Product Design
Pronounced 'J'a-reli. Retired saxophonist. Present-day beatboxer. Made her first stateside trip to meet Mickey. Observant and thoughtful. Bakes cakes and screens with a measured approach.
Kristin Hess Product Brand & Marketing
She from the 'Lou and she proud. Never met a morning she didn’t like. Retired ballerina. Wrote a book. 143 year-old Cottage Home. Indy and client advocate.
Parker McCullough Product Brand
Soft-spoken hard-rocker. Fixed gear pedaler and meal prep regular. Fits in his backpack. Three last names. Doodles with his left hand, uses Illustrator to make them right.
Ellie McCandless Marketing & Community
Eats breakfast for every meal. Came from Boston, left the accent. Montana is medicine for her soul. Reads old man books. Habla el chino y el español con fluidez. Passionate writer, talented marketer.
Austin Westerfeld Business Development & Operations
Team player. Lived in the Galapagos. Saved an artist's life as a bartender. Saved Mom Prom as a fraternity president. Saved a marriage as a lifeguard. Used to grow corn, now grows the business.
Ally Inglis Business Development & Operations
Photographer by passion. Greatest hobby is laughing at herself. Had a PA system in her first car. Won't kill a fly, spider, or mouse. Here to make your experience special.
Leanna Adeola Product Brand & Marketing
Calm under pressure. Hometown is a Beach Boys song. Likely wearing heels. Ten-year pianist. Likes any candy bowl she meets. Marketing maven.
Sara Croft
Sara Croft Business Development & Operations
Professional hobby hopper. Technical chef and scientific musician. Wrote a love letter to KitchenAid. Loves camping and hiking more than Leslie Knope. Story teller by passion and trade.
Jake Trowbridge - Innovatemap
Jake Trowbridge Product Management
Gig coordinator and community organizer. Hasn’t missed a haircut or an opportunity to see live music in 10 years. Caretaker of Harpooah, his geriatric dog. If walls could talk, they’d ask him to turn it down. Cultivates a sense of belonging for all.
Aaron Dempsey - Innovatemap
Aaron Dempsey Product Design
Papa John’s player of the week. Carmel native; caramel enthusiast. Engineering perfectionist: Cars. Treats. Roller Coaster Fanatica. Coded (and sold) the junkie’s dream guide to King’s Island. Goal keeper on the field and in concept designs.
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