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UX Design

The summary of experiences and feelings a user has when navigating a digital product. User experience is made up of different parts that focus on understanding both the business goal and aligning it with the user needs.

Need an analogy?

Think about the feeling you get when you see a beautifully designed building — well designed digital products will elicit an emotional response as well, resulting in user satisfaction and higher retention.

Why does it matter?

Forrester Research found that a well-designed user interface could raise a website’s conversion rate by up to a 200%, and a better UX design could yield conversion rates up to 400%.

How does it apply?

All digital products will either have a positive or negative user experience when a user interacts with it. Nowadays, users expect and even demand a seamless and enjoyable experience at every touchpoint. It impacts both your customers view of your brand and the overall business growth.

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