Design , Digital Transformation — 11.18.2020

Why Customers Expect a Modern Digital Experience with Corporate Digital Products

Sara Croft, Principal, Growth Marketing

What was your last experience with a digital product like? You may not even remember. Technology has become so seamlessly ingrained into our everyday routine that we don’t even think about it as an “experience.” This is a consideration to keep in mind when defining what a modern digital experience is – sometimes it’s as simple as picking up your phone and using a navigation app to find your new client’s office, or ordering food to be delivered later in the day.

The word “experience” may make you think a digital product needs to be highly-innovative and memorable, but the truth of today is a digital experience should be fairly simple, as today’s consumers see technology that may have been innovative ten years ago as standard.

What makes a digital experience “modern?”

As customer expectations evolve, so does the meaning of the word “modern” in regards to a digital experience. Technology changes at a rapid pace compared to other industries, so digital product evolution must never stop.

Think of Apple. Their brand, products and corporate culture have a reputation of being exemplary. But their technology doesn’t have a reputation for staying stagnant for very long (that’s why few people would be excited to be gifted a brand new iPhone 8, even though it only came out three years ago).

No doubt Apple stakeholders have invested billions and billions of dollars to remain at the top of their game for decades. Despite the fact you may not have a budget in the billion-dollar range, consumers have come to see Apple as the standard for digital experience (afterall, there are more active Apple products than there are people living in the United States). Indeed, the standards are high for your corporate digital product, too.

While providing a modern digital experience doesn’t require you produce a new product update every six months, it does require that digital experience be top of mind for corporate executives. Ensuring the digital product is fast, accurate and easy to use is key, but what will be equally important is the functionality. It should enhance a person’s experience with a company, not just simply allow people to perform a singular task.

How can I provide a modern user experience?

Change is hard. But it is necessary to provide a modern user experience with a digital product, because – as discussed – what is deemed to be “modern” will change over time. To ensure your corporate digital product is providing a modern user experience, you must invest in the digital maturity of your company and its digital products.

Unless your business already operates in the tech/software space, it can be incredibly challenging to keep abreast of customer experience expectations and changing technology trends and capabilities. Working with an outside digital product partner is a way to ensure your product is providing the experience users demand while also achieving your goals. At Innovatemap, we work with companies of all sizes and in all industries – because technology can provide a path to growth for any industry – to create and maintain digital products that become difference-makers for business.

Customers have high expectations when it comes to software solutions and digital experiences. These expectations do not unnerve us; they inspire us. Contact Innovatemap to see how we – together with your company’s leaders – can make technology work for your business.