About Innovatemap — 06.04.2020

Our commitment to be vocal, do more, and work harder

Christian Beck, Executive Partner, Growth Strategy & Design

This letter was written by Christian Beck, executive design partner and co-founder of Innovatemap, on behalf of the agency to address the recent events.

To our valued Innovatemap client family, our partners and our friends:

I’m writing this message to you because I feel strongly that the recent events are worth discussing with our community.

We made a commitment to build an agency where our personal and professional values were one and the same. Those values guide how we serve you, and how we live up to our “be good to the town” motto. They help us seek relationships and partnerships over transactions.

In light of the recent events, I’ve taken a hard look at our role as an agency and my role as a leader to ask the question we all should be asking ourselves: Are we doing enough to live up to those values?

The short answer is no.

While the plague of racism can feel insurmountable, our focus will be on our neighborhood, community, and ourselves. This is how we see our role developing:

We are committed to examining our own hiring practices by expanding our network and creating paths to leadership positions.

We are committed to maintaining an equitable work environment for our team and clients.

We are committed to supporting black founders.

We are committed to serving and working with the organizations that serve the black community.

We are committed to making Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, and the Midwest a more equitable place to live and work.

We are committed to making black lives matter.

This is an opportunity to be vocal, to do more, and to work harder. As a founder, I have personally committed to setting a new standard for Innovatemap to live up to our values. I am committing my voice to amplify the issue and ask that you consider your role and what the role of the greater local tech community should be.

Racism is a systemic problem that will take tremendous effort and collaboration to fix. This message of acknowledgment is a small step the entire Innovatemap team is taking towards a commitment to creating long-term change.

If you’re looking for help on affecting change, or if you have ideas, thoughts or advice to share with me, please reach out.

Christian Beck