Digital Transformation , Product Management — 11.18.2020

How Internal Software Empowers Employees and Amplifies Talent Recruitment

Sara Croft, Principal, Growth Marketing

We know the many benefits of utilizing software that makes life easier. (Hello, video conferencing in 2020!) And yet, executive buy-in for implementing internal software solutions is often at the bottom of the budget and resource list.

Company leaders will quickly invest in solutions that make their product or service better for customers. But they are more hesitant to invest in technology to be utilized internally. This can be to their detriment. Because prioritizing internal operations ensures employees are set up for success in external operations. Innovation allows companies to remain competitive.

Software as a Recruitment Tool

While you may recoil when a software update notification show up on your phone, most people have a more favorable view of technology than they once did. Today’s mixed generation workforce largely understands how software can be utilized to make work more efficient — and they embrace it.

Showcasing a company’s internal software solutions in job descriptions and throughout the recruitment and interview processes is one way to get more people interested in working for your company. When candidates see a company has invested in internal software solutions, they will understand that internal innovation is important to the company. And a company that prioritizes internal technology likely prioritizes its employees, too.

Internal software doesn’t just attract candidates, but it enables a tech-driven recruitment strategy. Recruiters can utilize the digital spaces where tech-savvy candidates are already spending their time to connect with a natural, modern approach. Just take a peek at the work we did for Canvas, a text messaging platform for talent recruiters.

Software as an Employee Retainment Tool

There are many similarities in how companies go about attracting and retaining employees. Once a job candidate undergoes a tech-driven recruitment and hiring process, you want to make sure a sophisticated suite of solutions await them inside the company, as well. By using software that streamlines processes and saves time, employees will enjoy a more structured, seamless workday. This can keep them energized to come in and work day after day and year after year, naturally.

Software as a Way to Empower Employees

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of technology for internal business, but let’s face it: some software solutions are ineffective or simply not a fit for certain companies. By having employees utilize internal tech solutions, you’re empowering them to use what works to make their jobs and therefore lives easier.

If a certain tech solution is no longer meeting an associate’s needs, empower that person to speak up. Perhaps there is a similar, alternate software on the market that is a better fit. Or maybe it makes sense to invest in a custom software solution for your business. Either way, it should be made clear that all software solutions the company invests in are there to serve and empower employees.

Internal software solutions are utilized by company leaders who are constantly looking to innovate and strengthen the internal structures of their business. By utilizing software, companies can improve employee recruitment and retainment efforts as well as empower employees to be advocates for the success of their company.

At Innovatemap, we understand software and all the many ways it can work for businesses in any industry, of any size. Whether it is product design or market research, we can either help with a portion of your product build or be a trusted, full-service partner from concept to creation. Let our team of experts help strengthen your internal operations with engaging, intuitive software solutions.