Product-Led Growth Strategy

Build a go-to-market strategy that relies on product usage as the primary driver of acquisition, conversion and expansion.

Product-led growth is not a new concept, but what started as a trend in the past two years is now seen as table stakes for all digital products.

Software can now be product-led, meaning that the product itself can be the channel for users to learn about it, to try it, to buy it, and to upgrade.

How Innovatemap supports product-led growth with our clients:

  • Support your team’s product-led growth education
  • Assess your team for key product functions
  • Find the right starting point such as user onboarding, setting the right metrics, and establishing achievable goals
  • Get preliminary market validation for message testing, landing pages, and ad creative

Clients we've worked with:


Enterprise SaaS management platform


Data management and analytics

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How We Help

Our team of product marketers, brand experts, and product designers challenge, research, design and market products customers love.


The brand conveys who you are; it’s approachable and has a recognizable identity that a user will want to engage with and work with.

The site properly guides a user to understand why they should engage with you, and most importantly, gives users a mechanism to engage with your product.

The product has features that anyone can use that immediately demonstrate its value and why they should come back.


Value builds trust and trust (and good UX) will enable conversion

Identify use cases that people are willing to pay for 

Build the pathways for people to see what they can pay for and to start paying for it


Don’t make it hard for people to give you their money: Show users how they can get more value when they need or want it.

Capitalize on your value to incentivize your users to invite others.

Give users pathways to share your value with others to create digital word-of-mouth

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