We are accountable teammates for each other and our clients - a team that respects, supports, and celebrates others. And we see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ teams.

How we live this out:

We leverage individual superpowers with the magic of teams.

Little is accomplished on your own. Because of this, we form and invest in partnerships with our teammates.

Knowing who to partner with requires us to recognize our superpowers and what we uniquely bring to Innovatemap. But we also vocalize our weaknesses so we can learn how to improve. We embrace personal growth opportunities, and we think about each other on all dimensions—not just how we work, but why. Not just what we bring to the table, but where we are going next.

Our hearts are full of gratitude and we express it freely.

No task is too small to be executed exceptionally and rewarded with gratitude. We notice the work of 
our colleagues and we celebrate their success, usually in our #winnovatemap Slack channel.

Gratitude is always genuine and authentic. And you don’t have 
to ask anyone for it. That support creates the incredibly uplifting work environment we thrive in.

Expressions of gratitude run rampant through our physical and digital office spaces. We are encouraging, inviting, and joyful.