We are fearless thinkers, extraordinary creators, and continuous learners. We build on ideas, promote new thinking, hone skills, and harness expertise.

How we live this out:

Curiosity is mission critical.

Curiosity is about asking questions, getting to the real problem, getting to the why. It is our innate belief that by being curious, we can develop a better way.

Innovation is not limited to the “next cool thing.” We develop processes that are cutting-edge and trailblazing. To do this, we are constantly connecting dots, and finding patterns among seemingly unrelated things. We’re always saying “there’s got to be a better way.” Innovation is endless inquisitiveness, openness to change and an eagerness to problem solve.

Wisdom gained must be shared with others.

What happens when a tree falls in a forest? Will anyone hear it? It’s an old question, but at Innovatemap, the sentiment is integral to how we talk about our work.

We share and we share often. There are formal opportunities to share wisdom with the group, but more often than not, it’s the informal “hey, check this out” conversations that show how we live up to this every day.

We don’t hoard expertise. And we are all better because of it.

We seek opportunities to elevate individual voices and share our knowledge. Going to a conference? Present what you learned back with the team. Read a book? Talk about it at the Village Table over lunch. Found some juicy design inspiration? That’s just what #inspiration is for.