We are ethical and strive 
to do what’s right. We are constructive and seek to mentor others. We are visible and share authentic feedback 
with each other.

How we live this out:

Feedback is a gift.

Our unapologetically high bar of excellence occurs because we treat feedback as a gift.

All-star athletes improve their game because day after day, they run a play and get feedback. They do it again, get more feedback, and so on. The best way to take their skills to another level is to receive a consistent stream 
of outside guidance on the details and the bigger picture.

We encourage and crave feedback because we know it can take our development, growth, and our craft to another level.

We practice radical yet compassionate candor.

It’s a simple but very important idea: to care personally at the same time that you challenge directly.

We root for each other, and as such we lean in the responsibility to give regular feedback, on the foundation of care and kindness, with compassion and candor. At times it can feel risky and uncomfortable—but we do 
it anyway.

Telling the truth respectfully and honestly builds trust, respect, and understanding. The more feedback and guidance we give and receive, the more we disarm our feelings of risk, and the more trust, respect, and understanding we build with our teammates.

We do the right thing. Even when it's the hard thing.

The core of Innovatemap is rooted in not just being honest to ourselves and teammates, but being truthful and sincere to clients. It is our duty to tell them what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear.

Internally, honesty fosters an environment where people feel seen and heard, can come as they are, and ultimately, where they can thrive.