We are active participants in any community we identify ourselves with. We believe in giving back, sharing our gifts, teaching others, and leading by example.

How we live this out:

We give back in many ways.

We give back in three ways: time, talent, and treasure. We share knowledge freely. We put in the time that our communities deserve. And we reach into our pocketbook when we know it’s needed most.

We have the mentality that you can always be helpful. Giving back is prioritized by all, but is not directed from the top down. Everyone can nominate opportunities that are important to their core values and we’ll jump in and support as a team. We pay it forward without expecting anything back.

Be good to the town.

We made a commitment to build an agency where our personal and professional values were one and the same. Those values guide how we serve our clients, and how we live up to our “be good to the town” motto. They help us seek relationships and partnerships over transactions.

We started our business in a coworking space, and we felt what it meant to be part of a community then - and now. People have always been good to us. So, it’s always been our motto to be good to the town.