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What Does Better Product Mean to You?

This season one recap episode dives into what "better product" means to our season 1 guests.

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Christian Beck: Hey Anna.

Anna Eaglin: Oh, Hey Christian.

Christian Beck: Can you believe that we've already launched 12 episodes of Better Products?

Anna Eaglin: It feels like it's been 10 years, or even a week.

Christian Beck: I don't really know. It feels like it's got to be somewhere in the middle there.

Anna Eaglin: Maybe-

Christian Beck: It could be both is-

Anna Eaglin: Maybe a happy medium.

Christian Beck: But we've really been fortunate to have a lot of amazing guests on our show, from product marketers to heads of product, and VPs of product, and then even to the CEOs who run these companies. And the one thing that we set out to ask at the very beginning, which we've continued doing and will continue doing, is asking the question of what is better product?

Anna Eaglin: So we've had people email it to us, again, crowdsource from their teams. We have people Tweet at us, if that's a thing the kids are still doing.

Christian Beck: They Tweet at people, yeah. I've been Tweeted at.

Anna Eaglin: That sounds aggressive.

Christian Beck: It does. And most of it is.

Anna Eaglin: But I hear it's mostly a positive thing. Really, honestly, it's taken on a bit of a life of its own.

Christian Beck: Yeah. It's actually been kind of fun. It was an idea that we had to have something that we ask that was the same for everybody to see the different answers we got. I honestly wasn't sure how it'd turn out, but I think it's been really great.

Anna Eaglin: I think it's interesting that everyone has a different answer too. I think we've seen some flavors of patterns, but for the most part people do kind of see things differently.

Christian Beck: And now when somebody asks me on the street what is better product, I can just rip the answer from somebody else.

Anna Eaglin: Definitely.

Christian Beck: Because my answer is usually not great. So as a bonus way to end season one, let's share the answers to this now infamous question. So there was a lot of different answers, but the one key thing that we've heard time and again is that better product serves the customer. So with that, Anna, can you do the honors?

Anna Eaglin: Of course. What does better product mean to you?

Kyle Lacy: Better product meets the need of the customer better than it did before, in ways that only the customer could tell you. And it's really customer led type product development, because your customer's your best sales person. And if you can deliver a better product to the customer than what they bought, they will stay with you. And in the software world, retention is everything

Dan Hanrahan: Better product, to me, is building things of value that customers use with minimal rework.

Jeremy Leventhal: It's the the value of if you look at an X and Y axis of, what is the value of what you're creating? And what is the effort to create that thing? And how much have you already met of what you feel is the problem?

Myles Grote: I think if you can deliver a product that strikes a great balance between custoemr needs and innovation, I think that's a better product.

Anna Eaglin: Those answers from Kyle Lacy, Dan Hanrahan, Jeremy Leventhal and Myles Grote were awesome.

Christian Beck: Let me see. Pop Quiz, name all their companies.

Anna Eaglin: Oh. Kyle Lacy is at Lessonly, Dan Hanrahan, Sigstr, Jeremy Leventhal, Springbuk, Myles Grote, Upper Hand.

Christian Beck: Nailed it. And some of our guests spoke directly to the user experience, like DG from Drift and Tyler Hill with Upper Hand.

Dave Gerhardt: Better product to me means things work the way that they should work, which is ... seems so silly, but so many times you go to pull up an app, or you go to do something, and it makes you feel stupid, or it doesn't actually do the thing that you want to do. I think the best products almost get out of the way.

Tyler Hill: Better product, to me, is a product that'll last. A better product speaks to longevity. It's the relationship that the human being has to technology that they feel they can't live without.

Cara Wagner: Better user experience, making sure that the customer can approach your product for the first time and get it.

Anna Eaglin: For us, we started this show to share the stories of industry leading companies whose products have a sole mission and a vision. And for these product leaders, their answers to what is better product, definitely aligned to that initial vision.

Christian Beck: What else did we hear? We heard that better product delivered value beyond the technical solution, which is something we really embrace here at Innovatemap.

Dan Moyers: Something that makes people's lives better.

Rod Feuer: Better product means making people's lives better.

Christian Beck: Wait, what was that? Did this track just skip a beat? Was that like a better product remix?

Anna Eaglin: Ha, Christian. Nope. Dan Moyers and Rod Feuer just think alike.

Carrie Griffith: Better product means that you're building something that your end user really finds value out of.

Sally Reasoner: I think of better product in terms of how do we enhance and grow and evolve our product to work more seamlessly with the humans using it? I don't think of it just as product, because the humans are so tied to it that, for me, in a big picture sense of better product, it's how do we more seamlessly create products, the network being part of it, but also in general, that fit more seamlessly with our lives?

Chelsea Linder: Really just solving a big problem in the world. I think focusing on achieving that and actually solving the problem is the number one thing that a good, or better, product needs to do.

Amy Reitz: Better product is impact.

Anna Eaglin: And with that, we'll end our first season of Better Product.

Christian Beck: We've got some great guests lined up for season two and some additional content headed your way. Hint, it might be another podcast. We'll just have to see. So as we head to season two, you can expect more. But one thing will remain the same, and that is us seeking the answer to this question.

Anna Eaglin: What does better product mean to you?

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