How FirstPerson Sparked Innovative Thinking to Build the Foundation for Their Digital Strategy

Everyone wants to create the best place to work for every employee, but that is often easier said than done. After all, as hard as you may try, how can you be sure that your HR programs and strategies are right for your business?

These are the blind spots that FirstPerson, a benefits and compensation advisory company, has set out to fill for companies of all sizes. With expertise in the complex space of benefits, compensation, compliance, and HR strategy, FirstPerson has set out to help companies serve their employees, meet their needs, and create a healthy workplace so they can perform at their best.


Even if you are not a “tech” company, nobody is immune to the trend of digital disruption. Customers are demanding digital experiences that make their lives easier and are enjoyable to use. This trend is affecting every industry, and this was not lost on the FirstPerson executive team. And FirstPerson has the challenge of balancing tech solutions while maintaining the personal touch, the company’s signature approach to tailored solutions and care.


The FirstPerson executive team partnered with Innovatemap to explore those questions and many more. We conducted a customized Spark Day with facilitated discussion and exercises, in order to understand FirstPerson’s digital opportunities and start the dialogue around what these HR tech trends mean for the future of their business.

The day kicked off with an innovation activity to get the creative juices flowing and get comfortable with out-of-the-box thinking. We then talked through some trends impacting the world of employee benefits and experience, and the tech disruptors changing the space. This was a critical part of the day, because it allowed the entire exec team to see that FirstPerson’s tech strategy has to be built around what the customers actually want.

After taking a deeper dive into the tech trends in FirstPerson’s industry, it was time to bring the focus back to what all of this meant for FirstPerson itself. Together, we conducted discussions around current challenges they were facing and brainstormed “how might we…” questions to attempt to spark inspiration to solve these challenges.


Through a day of inspiration and detailed discussion, the FirstPerson executive team was able to leave with the foundation to move to the next phase of their digital strategy, and the confidence that they were making informed decisions.

Before the Spark Day, the digital landscape was expansive, but through customized facilitation and tailored discussions the executive team left with a deeper understanding of their opportunities, blind spots, and best next steps to positively impact the business and propel them toward the right digital strategy for their business.


  • If you truly want to inspire innovative thinking, it is important to look outside your four walls and bring someone else in to push your boundaries of thinking and suggest new ideas.
  • A digital play isn’t a one-size-fits-all, and you can’t just check the digital checkbox; Instead of searching for the solution, start by coming at it from the problem you’re trying to solve to be sure you are building a digital solution that they actually want.
  • Before you code anything, make sure that you’ve done your research and feel confident that you’re building the right thing, not just a thing.

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