User , Scaleups — 09.16.2022

10 Questions to Assess Your Readiness for Product-Led Growth

Katie Lukes, Principal, Product Strategy & Research

Product-led growth, or PLG, is a broad concept that touches on every aspect of the product. By leveraging PLG, you evolve your current audience to become ambassadors for your product. As they use it, they share what they learn with others, growing your buying audience. 

But how do you arrive at this opportunity? There’s no one-size-fits-all way to incorporate it into your business.

If you want to explore PLG strategies, you need to first determine your product’s readiness to help grow your customer base and revenue. 

The following list can help you identify signals that it’s time for a PLG strategy, while also helping you incorporate PLG practices in a way that makes sense for your product. 

1. Brand 

 Does your brand speak appropriately to potential users who you want to try out the product? 

 Is it approachable while being industry-appropriate?

2. Site

Can a user visiting your website easily understand the problems your product solves, what features it has, and who the product is for? 

3. Try It 

Do you have a way for prospects to try your product or start using it immediately without contacting a human?

4. Onboarding

When users first “enter” your product, do you have clear and friendly ways for them to acclimate to your features in a just-in-time way (meaning, not introducing every feature all at once)?

5. Value Prop

Can users easily understand and experience your key value proposition quickly in your product experience? 

6. Sharing

Do you have ways users can share your product’s value with others through either sharing features from your product or inviting others?

7. Feature Awareness

Can users easily see, learn and understand the value of premium features in the product itself, even if they are on a lower pricing tier?

8. Upgrading

Can users initiate an upgrade and pay without contacting a human or going through a heavy process?

9. Packaging on Value 

Is your packaging constructed such that, after a user has tried your product, you can monetize on the highest-value use cases?

10. Analytics

Are you tracking analytics to understand how users experience your product, what areas are most frequently used, and which are least frequently used?

Ready to take the next step? See how our product strategy experts can help you with a PLG transformation.