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Product Management

We see the forest and the trees, partnering to define the most effective path to valuable product.

Our offerings.

Solution Design

"I need a game-changing product innovation."

Share your product vision, and we will bring it to life. Our talented product team engages with you to envision new product offerings.

Lumavate Solution Design


“We struggle to balance priorities in our roadmap.”

A better plan is a key ingredient to better product. Our seasoned PM team partners with you to prioritize features, customer needs, and business strategy.

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Product Assessment

"I'm not sure where to start; my product is underperforming."

Utilize our team of product experts to conduct an exhaustive review your product and provide insightful recommendations.

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Other Offerings:

  • New Product Ideation

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Definition

  • Backlog Management

  • Product Management as a Service (PMaaS)

  • PM Mentoring

  • User Stories

  • Product Feedback

  • Product Enhancements

Product Management

Our Product Managers

Anna Eaglin
Anna Eaglin
Mike Reynolds
Mike Reynolds
Lacey Lavies
Lacey Lavies
Katie Lukes
Katie Lukes

Other Disciplines:

Product Management Product Design Product Marketing

Product Design

Better product is usable. Design is the great business multiplier. We create beautiful, intuitive user experiences that delight.

Product Management Product Design Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Better product is marketable. A great product isn’t so if buyers don’t understand it. We method the madness and equip your team with positioning, branding, and the tools for growth.